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Lia Sullins Luczynski, PMP, ACP


Lia Sullins Luczynski | 1611166294573

Lia Sullins Luczynski is a Project Management Leader that supports organizations to implement and strengthen their Internal Controls Framework. Lia holds a Master of Natural Resources with a Business Sustainability focus from Virginia Tech. She is a key strategist that provides oversight to mitigate risk and assess the environment. Lia has a strong technical background in systems and applications blended with training and project management for large-scale projects in cross-functional environments. She is a driver of project and program deliverables in support of consumer, business, and infrastructure initiatives. Lia also serves as an integral business partner to c-suite leadership that helps to advance organizational growth and revenue streams.

As a consultant, managing projects of a technical nature to help clients meet their goals is a key component of her strategic mindset. She partners with leaders to understand and respond to regulations that will reduce their carbon footprints and other CO2 equivalent impacts (aka greenhouse gas emissions).

"Collectively, each of us working together can do something quite impactful. We can choose how to spend and invest our money. We can invest in sustainability in many areas of our lives. We make choices every day, so many of which offer sustainable alternatives. However, these options must be revealed to us or we must seek them out."